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Note: for twofacedpsycho // i’m sorry it’s kinda awful!

"You spoil him too much, Hershel," he said, but Desmond was smiling. Luke proceeded his former in exiting the little shop, a large bag of candy in hand. Although he was now an adult, the young man appeared childish in the smile he wore. "Any more bags of candy, and he’ll develop diabetes."

Luke stuck his tongue out. “You’re just jealous that that shopkeeper wouldn’t sell you his cleaning robot.”

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Imagine Persons A and B of your OTP are in arranged marriages with other people. Their legal partners are very nice people, but they have little to no romantic interest in each other. Then Person A and B meet, and rapidly fall in love; though they have to act loyal to their married partners in public, their partners help to cover for A and B so that they can have an extramarital relationship.


Imagine that person A of your OTP is suicidal. They are about to jump off a bridge or something when person B notices them and climbs over next to them. Person B convinces them not to take their life by saying that if person A jumped, they would jump after them, because they can’t live in a world without person A.

(Bonus feel points if this is the fist time your OTP meets).


Imagine that Person A is a single parent with one little kid. They have nowhere to live, so Person B takes them in (despite them not knowing each other at the time). As the kid learns to speak, they begin referring to B as their other parent. A thinks it’s cute, while B is a bit embarrassed because they have a crush on A. (Where it goes from there is up to you.)



What if your OTP lived in a universe where whenever someone touches their soul mate(s) for the first time they get a matching tattoo in that spot.

And the first time person A accidentally hits person B in the face, stomach, or other weird place they get matching tattoos.