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Avengers Body Swap

  • Tony with Steve
  • Thor with Natasha
  • Bruce with Clint

No but can you imagine Thor REALLY having to pee.


And terrified to do so because that will require touching Natasha’s body in a manner which might get him physically assaulted.

And then Natasha comes out of the bathroom, drying her hands, looks straight at him and says “Very nice, by the way.”

Benefactor: *Throws deadly weapon at Sheriff Stilinski*
Fandom: ...
Benefactor: ...
Fandom: ...
Benefactor: ...
Fandom: How dare you fucking even look at Papa Stilinski.


Random hobopollo headcannon: Phoenix and Apollo have been going out for a while  and now that Phoenix has his badge back Edgeworth is hanging out in America more which means, of course, that good old Franziska comes for a visit.

And then while she’s there a murder obviously happens. Phoenix is the head defence with Apollo assisting and Franziska is the prosecutor, and just before they go into court she appears (Edgeworth tags along) to talk to Phoenix and keeps going on about how she’s gonna “whip him until he screams” and other kinky sounding things.

But Apollo and Phoenix have gotten to the stage where they’ve started admitting their kinks and Phoenix has admitted he kinda likes rough sex (*wink**wink*) so Apollo hears just how wrong everything sounds and is practically dying trying to hold in his laughter, and Edgeworth is just making weird choking sounds (cos he used to go out with Nick and he knows). Phoenix doesn’t notice anything cos he’s too scared of the whip and then Franziska says “I’ll whip you into submission” and Apollo just can’t hold it in anymore.

So Phoenix and Franziska are standing there staring at Apollo laughing like he’s insane and Edgeworth just says with a completely straight face “I’m sure Wright can handle your whip. He’s taken rougher.” Then walks out still making weird choking noises.

And Phoenix finally cottons on to what’s so funny and just starts sputtering and going red and denying everything and Fraziska really does not get it and Apollo just laughs louder



Another hobopollo headcannon (these guys aren’t leaving me alone today):

I’ve gotten it stuck in my head that Apollo used to be a teenage rebel, getting into fights in the name of ‘justice’ and all that, but he changed when he started working for Kristoph and the man beat some seriousness into him (‘beat’ meaning literally or figuratively depending on my mood). While Clay was more of a pacifist and never got involved in fights, he was clumsy which is why he always has plasters on his face, and he and Apollo would always go skateboarding together.

Fast forward to the Wright Anything Agency years (but before Clay died *cries hysterically*) where Phoenix knows he feels something for Apollo but isn’t sure about what it is. Apollo definitely feels something for Phoenix but is scared to admit it in case he loses the only real family he’s ever had.

He obviously talks about it with Clay (who also likes Starbuck and he and Apollo totally bonded over their hero-worship) and whenever he’s more upset about the whole situation, Clay convinces him to go skateboarding, something they never really stopped doing.

One day, Phoenix is out with Trucy and they both see Apollo and Clay at the skate park near the Wonder Bar. Apollo’s laughing at a trick Clay can’t do (but Apollo can) and it’s the first time Phoenix has really seen the younger man so relaxed and laughing openly.

Trucy runs over and Apollo is embarrassed being caught doing something so ‘childish’ (as Kristoph put it) by Phoenix, but Clay is way too enthusiastic to finally meet the Wrights and since Clay has always made Apollo far more comfortable, he begins to relax again.

All the while Phoenix is looking at him in his skater clothing (Vans shoes, loose black jeans, white t-shirt with red overshirt on top hanging open and baseball cap backwards on his head with his bangs framing his face) and being so happy and open that he starts thinking 'Shit he looks hot.'

Obviously Apollo’s bracelet picks up on Phoenix tensing and he isn’t sure what it is and Phoenix doesn’t say anything, just smirks in that annoying cryptic way (while he’s inwardly panicking) and then casually suggests that Apollo tells them the next time he’s coming out here so they can watch.

Apollo manages to stutter out an agreement and all the while Clay is just waggling his eyebrows at Apollo and Trucy is just like ‘what?’.

And then the awkward sexual tension commences! (*evil laugh*)

do you mind if i wright a fic for this?


Imagine Person A going on a show like “The Bachelor(ette)” in order to find their ‘One True Love’, thinking it will be a piece of cake.  But, to their dismay, they realize they have to date 20+ individuals simultaneously in order to discover which one is their ‘One True Love’, for they can only end up with one in the end, at which point they will have fallen in love with at least 2 individuals and contemplated a future with either/both of them.


Imagine that Person B has a creepy stalker crush on Person A. One day, when B is spying on A, they see A kissing C. B becomes jealous and murders C. Soon after, A receives a package with C’s corpse in it… What happens next is up to you. (Inspired by the Vocaloid song “Grotesque Romance”.)