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    Imagine Person A being a bit of a flirt, and Person B being a bit insecure about their relationship as a result; can they come to an agreement?

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    Hey guys! I’m going to be adding this as a note to the series as it is on AO3, but I thought I’d add it here too. Not sure about FF, but whatever; notes are below the cut!

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    That’s a very interesting topic because it’s one that really upsets a lot of people in one way or another. I probably shouldn’t talk about it - I shouldn’t talk about it. In fact, that should probably be the right answer. I shouldn’t talk about it. No comment? Plead the fifth?

    There is clearly a very, very profound bond between the two. And I will leave it to you to read into that what you will, because I don’t want to be accused of queerbaiting or any of these other things that I am not doing.

    Doing something like this, you have the opportunity to reach a lot of people, and that’s a really gratifying and lovely experience. You also have the opportunity to very easily piss off a lot of people. That can be lovely as well. But I sometimes have to resist the temptation to engage, like, “Hold on you fuckers, that’s not - “

    I did a convention in Seattle. I don’t know what it was I said or what transpired, I don’t know what it was. But people got upset and I feel like it was really unfair, what was said.

    First of all, I think the term “queerbaiting” is not accurate. It pissed me off, because I feel like a real champion of that community with all those letters [LGBTQA] - you know, I’ve officiated gay weddings. Also, I don’t know understand what the term means.

    At the same time, it’s imbued with a lot of meaning in a lot of ways and there are a million different interpretations open. I hesitate to call it an artform, but it is one, especially when Ben [Edlund] is writing. It’s a lot of things. It’s deep and meaningful.

    Is it love? Probably. What does that mean? It’s a million different things. At the very least, it’s a complex relationship. One of them is a celestial wavelength of intent, which is obviously a difficult kind of being to have a relationship with. “Yeah, you know, my boyfriend, he’s great, but he’s a celestial wavelength of intent. So a lot of times, when he sleeps over, I don’t know what’s going on. Because he’s there and then he’s not there and then he’s back again and then he’s in my head, literally in my head”

    So yeah, it’s a very intense relationship. Let’s leave it at that. What is that? Am I a politician? They love each other, but it’s purely sexual.


    Misha Collins on the relationship between Dean and Castiel, queerbaiting, LGBT+ rights, and the difficulties of dating angels


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    Misha Collins AKA one Class A human being.

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    I don’t know how many times I’ve told you that I love you Mish.

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    A Writer’s Rule Book

    From Hunter’s Writing




    the worst part of creating an original character is figuring out their last name

    I go through cemeteries and jot down the most interesting ones.

    That’s actually a really good idea thank you

    Ultimate Writing Resource List



    a massively extended version of ruthlesscalculus’ post

    General Tips

    Character Development

    Female Characters

    Male Characters

    Tips for Specific Characters


    Point of View

    Plot, Conflict, Structure and Outline

    Setting & Worldbuilding

    Creativity Boosters* denotes prompts

    Revision & Grammar

    Tools & Software

    Specific Help



    Your OTP or OT3 are partners who all have jobs that require that you can fight reasonably well (guards, police, et.c.). Person A is turned on by pain if the right people are doing it to them, so they suggest to B (and C) that they begin wrestling, beating, and whipping each other in bed for better job performance - it helps you learn how to take hits, A reasons - unaware of whether the others share their kink. Whether they actually go through with it is up to you.


    Imagine your prepubescent OTP.

    aapollojustiice asked:
    headcanon that Apollo's a virgin and so after the first time he and Wright have sex Trucy bakes him a 'congrats on the sex' cake and he's so embarrassed but because she's a little shit she actually brings it to the courthouse and so everyone for the rest of the day is going around congratulating Apollo.




    tHIS LOOKS SO BAD I’M SO SORRY I JUST USED MSPAINT CUZ I’M LAMEPLUS HE LET ME WEAR MY LOCKET AND MY FAVORITE SWEATERAthena gets in there tooShane rants about Ace Attorneycan I axe you a questionmy postmy askI’m dumbI LOVE IT WHEN TRUCY IS A LITTLE SHIT AHAHAHA IT’S SO GREATI’m more partial to Apollo havin sexual experience before bUT THIS IS STILL HELLA SILLY AND I LIKE ITI’m not witty sorry

    Yes thank you this is perfect.


    Imagine your OTP the morning after their first time making love. Person A wakes up before Person B and admires their naked body cuddled up next to them. Person A gently runs their fingers over Person B’s back and down over their backside, trying carefully not to wake them.