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Anonymous: headcanon that everybody likes touching the Polly booty and Phoenix pretends that he's okay with it but he doesn't touch it at first because that would be rude. But then they're on their way to court one day and he sees one of the Payne brothers eyeing the booty and so he just grabs Apollo's ass to be like 'no you can't touch' except Apollo's nervous so he shouts OBJECTION really loudly and the Judge looks at him and Phoenix just says 'sorry Your Honor but the defence has a great ass'



I’ve written Apollo/Payne before

I like the idea at times of possessive!Phoenix. Not to the point of unhealthy possessive, but like…enough. Like that! Lettin people know what’s up and that may include leavin a hickey somewhere quite visible or grabbin booty in a court of law. I think the entire court could agree with him though~ *wonk* 

Yeah I feel really uncomfortable with overly-possessive pairings. Like I get that there’s a kink and there, and wanting to be wanted, but it’s also a little…abusive? I feel like when it’s a m/f pairing people are willing to point out that it’s unhealthy, but if it’s m/m or f/f people just see it as ‘ooh that’s hot’. I also get the impression that EVERYBODY IN THE AA UNIVERSE has been with everybody else at some point in time. And so if I were to make a shipping chart or something for this fandom it would be fucking ridiculous it would be like Juniper/Athena/Simon/Fullbright/Klavier/Apollo/Pheonix/Edgeworth/Maya just all together in one huge family and some of them would be ace and some of them would be just sexual and then game nights would be hella fun they’d all fail at Monopoly and get into huge arguments over SceneIt.

Phoenix would not give a fuck he’d just grab it and be likeEveryone has a thing for Apollo’s butt and it’s quite interesting to seeI mean that in every sensefictional characters and REAL LIFE PEOPLEi do like the idea they are in an open relationship so everyone /can/ touch Apollo’s booty but in the end he always comes back to Phoenixthat’s probably an idea worthy of it’s own postmy postmy askcan I axe you a question*He always comes back to Phoenix and Phoenix always comes back to him because they are each others main

You have the best tags btw.

FF masterlist so far: Harry Potter

Dancing With Myself (K+)

Romance. A brief look at Harry’s relationship to Luna, over time.

How You Remind Me (K+)

Romance. Nothing major, just a little Harry/Luna fluff.

just as insane as I am (K+)

Friendship/Romance.Luna x Harry, slight AU-Canon Divergence. NO HINNY OR CHARRY. Part of the 30 Day OTP challenge. Some background Ron x Hermione and Ginny x Neville.

Year One: the Snake in the Grass (T)   ** crossover with Sherlock

Friendship/Family. Petunia Dursley knows Harry Potter’s going to be getting a letter, but she’s more than a little shocked when her own son does as well. She’s not the only one with a surprise wizard son - John Watson’s mother wasn’t expecting it either. Slight johnlock.



ah man i just feel like they probably fuck a lot because polly has a great ass and probably everyone touches the booty and polly feels really awkward about it

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I’m sorry but that fifth tag -
"The way she talks about him, you’d think Apollo was some sort of ancient god. - Oh, wait…"
thank you Phoenix

prompt: apollo is the god of butts






ah man i just feel like they probably fuck a lot because polly has a great ass and probably everyone touches the booty and polly feels really awkward about it

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share your mind with me please

dude no you’re prompting me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(◕‿◕✿) …

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(◡‿◡✿) *giggles~*

#omg now it makes sense #PHOENIX AND APOLLO HAD SEX EVERYWHERE #(except trucy’s room of course omg that’d be just the weirdest…) #AND THEY MADE A HUGE MESS OUT OF ALL THE ROOMS THEY DID IT #SO THEY’RE BOTH LIKE ‘O CRAP TRUCY’S COMING HOME SOON’ #WHAT DO THEY DO? #CLEAN AND ORGANIZE LIKE HECK #(while reminiscing — or more like. phoenix reminding apollo of that time in that corner of the room #and making apollo all flustered and blushing ahahahaha) #and then trucy comes home and comments on how neat the agency is oooooooooh it’s so nice~ #EARLY/LATE SPRING CLEANING apollo yells i mean says #and trucy’s like. #but polly. it’s winter! #IDK THIS WAS A LOT FUNNIER IN MY HEAD

I love you people omg hobopollo shippers are the best fuck everything i’m gonna write it.


If we’re dating I will get you sexually frustrated a lot just to amuse myself

I can still pretend, I guess it all depends (NR)

fandom: Ace Attorney
length: 1497 words
genre: angst, drama
pairing: Phoenix/Apollo

Apollo has a confession to make.

AO3 || FF



Apollo and Phoenix finding out they have some similar tastes in music and thus putting on a CD/playlist while they’re working and stuff

only to have it degrade into them passionately shouting/singing the lyrics 

except half the time they both don’t know what they lyrics are or do their own interpretation 
So it’s like
"nah-nah-nah-oh-say-jtre4a8fduaslktr4jafdas—B-B-B-BENNY AND THE JETS! Dah-nah-nah-oh-bah-nah-so wonderful-nahnahNAHNAH-ohhhhh SHE GOT ELECTRIC BOOBS" So like that.

Or this.

 And when they get into it they get into it and embarrass everyone around them 

And they can’t ever agree on the lyrics even if they’re told they’re both wrongEveryone just gives up after a while and lets them do what they wanthobopolloCOULD BE SHIPPYOR COULD BE BRO-ISHI SAW THIS MORE AS THEM BEING BROS DOING THIS BUT YEAShane rants about Ace Attorneymy postI bet they would be very entertaining if they sang Fall Out Boy songs




Phoenix confesses to Apollo one day that he has a crush on him/more than friendly feelings for him

Apollo takes him seriously for a moment but then realizes it’s Phoenix and all Phoenix does is give him shit and tease him and make fun of him so he just kind of laugh-mumbles like “yea okay sure thanks Mr. Wright" and just brushes it off completely 

And then Trucy has to deal with a mopey Phoenix and try and console him and get him to try again

It could be cute or kinda sadShane rants about Ace AttorneyYOOOOOOOOOOO I JUST GET THE IMAGE OF HIM DOING THATLIKE MULTIPLE TIMESAnd Apollo still brushes it off/is obliviousokay now that’s sillybut it could be kinda sad if you took it that wayIDK



FF masterlist so far: Soul Eater

Imagine Soul & Maka (M)

Romance/Angst. You know that tumblr, imagineyourotp? Yeah, well, these are the Soul/Maka related drabbles I’ve gotten out of those prompts.

Insecurities (T)

Romance/Drama. Exactly what it says on the tin: Various headcanon insecurities of our favourite couple. I am open to further prompting; let me know what you’d like to see. SoMa, may contain sides of others.

Into the Dark (T)

Romance/Humor. Medusa has another weird scheme, but this time it involves a love potion. Things go horribly wrong. Or should that be horribly right? Hilarity, fluff, and insane cracky out-of-character moments ensue. SoMa main, Kizzles and TsuStar side.

The Only Exception (T)

Romance/Angst.When Soul makes another off-hand comment about Maka’s sex appeal (or lack thereof), Maka decides it might be time for a split.

a Meister and Her Weapon (T)

Romance/Drama. Written as a Soul/Maka entry for the 30 Day OTP challenge. Yeah yeah yeah, I have a lot of these to do, to catch up on. I’m aiming to go through with all my OTPs so…bear with me here

Music’s in My Soul (T)

Romance. A series of small drabbles inspired by various songs. Mostly SoMa, but with sides of TsuStar, Kizzles, and one-sided CroMa. Ratings vary. Song suggestions welcome!

be prepared for an influx of fics owing to my finally updating my ff.net account, but not wanting to bother to try and find all the original posts and update them.

in other words, masterlists are coming soon.

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